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Khaman Dhokla (Gujarati Recipe) - Master Chef Hello Everyone, Here is traditional yet very simple recipe of khaman dhokla (savory steamed cake using coarse chickpea flour) -Very famous Gujarati Snack I figured a short cut to make traditional version of mouthwatering Khaman Dhokla using coarse chickpea flour. It is much better and simpler way than grinding it. There are two versions of it- one is traditional one using split bengal gram (chana dal) (soak it, grind it and then ferment it) and other is nylon khaman using gram flour/besan -instant version. I really love the texture and taste of traditional one but don't really like the effort that goes into it. But now you can enjoy the same taste and texture effortlessly. Just follow this simple recipe and you will be making spongy, soft, savory mouthwatering khaman dhokla that will make you family go wow! Serve it with coriander chutney or any condiment that you prefer and enjoy this khatta meetha khaman dhokla. So this was all about Khaman Dhokla and I hope you enjoyed this video as much I did making it and I'll see you again with simple home recipes straight from Alka's Kitchen. Till then Happy Eating! If you are newbie to my channel please me :)
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