Ewan - FOREVER (2018 SOCA) [Trinidad] [Official Release] [HD]


Ewan - FOREVER (2018 SOCA) [Trinidad] [Official Release] [HD] Credits: Songwriter: Ian Prescott Video design: Ian Prescott Producer : Akeem “Lackaz” Ryan (Central Records) Recorded by: Dale Ryan (Central Records) Publisher:COTT Contact:ewansocagmail.com; WhatsApp:1-868-7644221 License:COTT. Standard YouTube License FOLLOW: Twitter :http://twitter.com/ewansoca Gmail:ewansocagmail.com WhatsApp:1-868-764-4221 All inclusive, drinks in hand. On the Avenue, chilling song. New artiste Ewan making a lyrically strong contribution to Trinidad & Tobago’s already saucy soca mix. A love song in the middle of the Carnival. A little unusual. Not the typical wine and bend over. But still with a cool, enjoyable Soca vybe. A limin song.
keith Vilafana
Wendy Brewster
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