this is the cutest makeup i've ever seen


this is the cutest makeup i've ever seen in honor of BLM, I will be donating 100% of the ad revenue from this video to the Loveland Foundation and the Black Trans Travel Fund, so don't be shy, watch the ads! ✰ ✰ list of petitions to sign, numbers to call, and charities to donate to: ✰ I also want to say happy pride, I hope you feel loved and supported always 🤍 in this video, I cake my face with Beauty Bakerie makeup, *ooh* and *ahh* over all the adorable products, passionately discuss the Twilight series, and overshare about my past relationships and singlenessidk what came over me UPDATE 7-4-20 I just tried the Beauty Bakerie highlighter again and while it was lovely, it barely showed up and I was like wait?!?!?! and that's when it dawned on me that it only looked that shiny because of the placement of my lights HAHAHA that was the first time I set up the lights the way I did and it did magical thingsapparently too magicalso anyway, while the Beauty Bakerie highlighter is pretty, it is actually quite subtle and Champagne Pop is still my favorite!! ✰ TWITTER ➭ mikaelalong INSTAGRAM ➭ mikaelallong ♫ MUSIC ♫ Loungin - Aso Loved - Aviino music by Chillhop ( listen on Spotify ( p.s. this video is not sponsored
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