How to Crash a Wedding




How to Crash a Wedding Hello my dudes what’s up how’s everybody doing? I have a couple things to say. 1. This is my 69th video so everybody give themselves 69 pats on the back. I wanted to thank you guys for getting me here. To my camera: you’re a real one. To imovie: this is all your fault. So claps all around guys! 2. I wanted to thank you guys for the generally positive reaction on my last video. It’s great that I can be honest and you guys will still listen. Also, to stan twitter: thanks for getting butthurt over my comments and proving my point. 3. I have to make a note about my PO box. I will be closing it in two weeks because I will be travelling a lot in August (more on that later) and then I’m off to University so I won’t be able to respond to those who send me stuff. So, if you want to send me something, now’s your chance! If you did send me something over the past few months, I just wrote 100 letters to 100 random people who provided a return address so check your mailbox! Instagram: Twitter: Cameo: P.O Box: Now closed If you want to translate the video: Current sub count: 2, 388, 208 With love, Jeorge Cichael
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