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25 PERFECT SUMMER NAIL ART DESIGN CLASSY NAIL ARTS These nail art ideas will change your life and your nails will look flawless: -You can easily remove glitter nail polish using PVA glue as a base coat. Firstly, cover nails with PVA glue and let dry. After that cover with glitter nail polish. Don’t forget to share this idea with friends! - The quickest nail art idea as to make a striped manicure. You will be surprised but you can use dental floss to make it. it’s a perfect tool for the manicure! You can create perfect stripped manicure. By the way, we have two options – watch our video and choose the one you like! -If you like romantic nail art designs or spring inspires, try our tutorials on how to make heart nail designs. It won’t require much effort to make a simple heart from dots -You should always take care of your nails and hands to look flawless. We share a perfect spa idea for your nails. Melt some wax in a bowl using a microwave. Let the wax cool a bit and place your fingers inside for a few seconds and after that place fingers in a bowl with cold water. Repeat during the week and enjoy the result -Nail polish remover marker is a perfect tool when you make a manicure at home as you can fix any mistakes in seconds. Follow these easy steps: remove the core piece of an old marker and place into a bowl with water. Wait until the color is gone. Next, soak the core in nail polish remover Share these incredible ideas with your friends! TIMESTAMPS: 00:09 Use PVA as a base coat 00:59 Romantic manicure idea 01:18 Wax for healthy nails 01:45 Nail polish remover marker 04:07 Marble nail art 07:17 Water marble manicure
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