DirtBike Crash - "Don't Try That at Home" [#03]


DirtBike Crash - "Don't Try That at Home" [#03] ✪ ➡ http://bit.ly/Moto_Madness ✪ Comment ✪ Thumbs Up ✪ Share ✪ Send Crashes ➡ http://bit.ly/Send_Crash ✪ Instagram ➡ motoZmadness ✪ Dirt Cheap Moto Madness Merch ➡ http://bit.ly/Moto_Merch New Crash Compilations released every 1 to 2 Weeks!!! Moto Madness. The Fail World of Dirt Bikes! A compilation of brutal motocross wrecks and dirtbike accidents, fights and fails and all the other crazy stuff that happens in dirt bike life. KX 250f Motocross Crash. Rider drifts to side of jump, lands in berm, rolls out and walks away unhurt. "Don't try that at home" Moto Madness "Don't Try That at Home" - http://vilook.com/of-rAGsOLMk Dirtyhusky69
Moto Madness
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