sub.made - Hello Strange Podcast 27 (Quantec Tribute Mix)




sub.made - Hello Strange Podcast 27 (Quantec Tribute Mix) 1. Quantec - Greenfield Mill 2. Quantec - Yage 3. Quantec - Deliberate 4. Quantec - Panaleous 5. Quantec - Train Of Thoughts 6. Atheus -Drone 37Hz 7. Quantec - Subliminal State 8. Quantec - Melted 9. Artist Unknown - Mandragora EP the gloomy forest, the gray fog over the open mine, people in everyday life, levitating echoes and a deep underlying black cloud with shallow-patronized droplets. this optical and audible symbiosis inspires Уsub.madeФ to create, experiment and to make music. far away from the current electronic consumption in his area, he produces spherical ambient combined with field recordings up to deep dub techno. Drift Deeper Youtube Channel was setup to promote and help people discover deep electronic music, I do not own any rights of the material I upload, so if you are a producer or a label that would like this video to be removed please let me know and i will do it immediately! For more sounds like this be sure to check out our blog - Follow Us on Twitter - Like Us on Facebook - Please note we monetise these videos in order to generate a small amount of revenue to help with the running costs of the channel. If you would like your work not to be monetised on this channel please let me know and I will remove immediately.
hello strange
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