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Our Scary Run In With The Cops By Lena | : http://bit.ly/sub2storybooth | Comment, like, share this story. Stand up against people who judge others and use your voice - WEAR IT OUT LOUD! merch back in stock! SHOP http://storybooth.com/store LIMITED QUANTITIES! There was a big carnival going on, so Lena decided to go to the fair with her friends Chris and Sybil. They had a great time at the carnival - going on rides, eating snacks and hanging out - but they decided to leave early and head to Sybil's house. Once they were there, Sybil asked if they wanted to smoke. Lena and Chris weren't big on smoking, but they decided it would be fun to try it out, so they agreed. They all made their way to Sybil's car, and they drove down the street so they wouldn't be smoking in front of Sybil's house. Lena and Chris still had two plastic cups from the carnival when they got in the car, and they decided to throw them out the window to get rid of them. Lena doesn't normally litter - she probably just got caught up in the moment. Then, they all started smoking. They were laughing, giggling and having fun, when all of a sudden, they noticed a car pull up behind them. They started to get nervous, so Sybil thought the best thing to do would be to drive off. But as soon as she started up her car, they all saw cop lights flashing behind them. They started to freak out, and Sybil took out perfume and sprayed the car down. When the police officer approached their car, he smelled the intense perfume smell and thought it was suspicious. Immediately, he asked them if they had any drugs on them. Sybil admitted that they had been smoking, so the cop asked them all to step out of the vehicle. That's when they really started to panic. The cop told them that he was going to search the car, and he asked if they had anything left to smoke. They all promised there was nothing left in the car. The police officer said that was a good thing, but if he found out they were lying, he was going to have to take them down to the station. After that, the other police officer on duty searched Lena and her friends. They were so afraid - their hearts were beating fast, and they had no idea what was going to happen next. Luckily, because Lena and her friends were telling the truth, the police officer didn't find anything during his search and he let them all off with a warning. But right before he let them go, he told them exactly how they got caught - when Lena and Chris littered and threw their cups out of the car, the police officers had enough evidence to stop them! Lena couldn't believe it, and she regretted her careless mistake. When they look back, Lena and her friends can hardly believe it when she they say to themselves, "Our scary run-in with the cops was all caused by 2 plastic cups!"
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