1985 [30fps] The Empire Strikes Back 999535pts Loop5-2


1985 [30fps] The Empire Strikes Back 999535pts Loop5-2 スターウォーズ -帝国の逆襲- / The Empire Strikes Back Atari Games 1985 999,535pts Player TJT 収録Ver Wolfmame0.82 Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral. mame replay site http://replayburners.web.fc2.com/ スターウォーズ -帝国の逆襲- 発売年:1985.03 開発/発売元:ATARI GAMES ジャンル:シューティング コントローラ:操縦桿型コントローラー(2ボタン付き) システムボード:専用基板 CPU構成[M6809 (2)] 音源チップ[Pokey (4), TMS5220] The Empire Strikes Back (c) 1985 Atari Games. The third arcade outing based on the legendary trilogy of films; "Empire Strikes Back" eschews Jedi's Zaxxon-inspired gameplay and returns once more to the 3D vector graphics of the first game. Empire features four stages of play, with the first two putting the player in control "Luke Skywalker's" SnowSpeeder, and the second two in control of "Han Solo's" Millennium Falcon. * The first level, Probots, takes place on the ice planet of Hoth, with the player flying the Snowspeeder over the planet's surface to find and destroy the Empire's search droids that are sending signals to the Empire warning them of the rebels' presence. * The second Snowspeeder stage sees the player taking on the Empire's "AT-AT" Imperial walkers, as well as a number of smaller, bi-pedal "AT-ST" walkers. On this level, as well as the standard guns, the Snowspeeder is armed with a limited number of harpoons; these can be fired at the AT-AT's legs to send them crashing to the ground. AT-ATs can also be destroyed by shooting a small, highlighted area on the AT-ATs' head. * The third level has the player piloting the Millennium Falcon and is a repeat of the original game's in-space Tie Fighter battle. * For the fourth and final level the player must pilot the Millennium Falcon safely through a densely packed and fast-moving asteroid field. Bonus points can be earned by destroying a certain number of targets. A JEDI letter will also be awarded in addition to the bonus points. Once all the letters that spell the word 'JEDI' have been awarded, players will have attained true JEDI FORCE, making them invincible to the Empire's forces for a limited amount of time. In all levels of play, collisions with objects and enemy shots will cause damage to the player's deflector shields. - TECHNICAL - Game ID : 136031 Main CPU : M6809 ( 1.512 Mhz) Sound CPU : M6809 ( 1.512 Mhz) Sound Chips : (4x) POKEY ( 1.5 Mhz), TMS5220 ( 640 Khz) The game is displayed on an Amplione colour vector open frame monitor. Players : 1 Control : stick Buttons : 4 - TRIVIA - The Empire Strikes Back was released in March 1985. This title was sold only as a conversion kit for the original "Star Wars". Separate kits were available for both the upright and the cockpit versions. In total, 544 kits were produced. The selling price was $595. - SERIES - 1. Star Wars [Cockpit model] (1983) 1. Star Wars [Upright model] (1983) 2. Return of The Jedi (1984) 3. The Empire Strikes Back (1985) - STAFF - Product manager : Mike Hally Programmed by : Greg Rivera, Norm Avellar Technician : Rob Rowe Special thanks to : Brad Fuller, Jed Margolin, Dave Ralston, Doug Snyder, Earl Vickers - SOURCES - Game's rom. Machine's picture.
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