Luh Kel - Wrong (Official Music Video)




Luh Kel - Wrong (Official Music Video) Official Music Video for 'Wrong' Out Now on Cinematic Stream: : Directed by joanpabon Produced by JuniorJimenez Production company blanksquareproductions Executive producer edgaresteves, Jonny Shipes, Adam Ben DP cory.brumester Edited by joshuaValle Label Ricky Zanders Song Produced by Jonnyshipes, 11vn & BubbagotBeatz for CthaSound Follow Luh Kel Follow Cinematic Lyrics: Girl my mood changed when you walked through the door Before you came it was tears on the floor Girl your so perfect I think that it’s working You gave me your love now I really want more Girl your so different apart from the rest Cool, I dropped out I don’t really take test You gave me your love I’m addicted like drugs Girl I think you the plug you the one with the best You did me wrong x8 All by my side Argue let’s talk I need you by my side You had my back when the gang used to slide Now you gone tell me you done wit my time I thought that I needed you in my life All of them times that you talked but you lied Girl you was down and you told me you roll like my Rollie I’m done cuz you lied with my guys like nah The only plan was to ball Remember them times that we fall But we got up and fought I tried to leave you would stall Baby I gave you my all my all my all No car we rode in the backseat Yeah you used to ride like a taxi My heart fell so deep in the Black Sea x2 #LuhKel #Wrong
Luh Kel
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Lps Sugar Daisy 18
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