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Frisbee Boomerang Trick Shot Battle | Brodie Smith Time for the ultimate flying trick shot battle! ► Watch me live on Twitch! ► Click HERE to ! Will the winner be throwing wood or plastic! You will just have to watch and see. Lots more content and frisbee trick shot videos coming soon so make sure you and turn on your notifications! Guys I just started streaming on Twitch and would love to have you join the Darkhorse Nation! Follow me here and watch live! ► Click HERE to follow Logan on Instagram & YouTube! ► Click HERE to watch my newest videos! ► Click HERE to watch my Best Trick Shots! ► Click HERE to watch Bro vs. Pro with Paige Spiranac! Just started a NEW channel with my girlfriend Kelsey! ► Click HERE to ! ► WATCH my Tom Brodie Battles! ► My Frisbee Tutorials! ► WATCH Bro vs. Pro! Follow Me on Social Media! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SNAPCHAT: BrodieSmith ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Darkhorse points if you're made it this far! Comment "BA BA BOOMERANG" so I know who you are! ~ PO Box Address ~ 2831 Eldorado Parkway Ste 103-334 Frisco, TX 75033 Business or Media, please contact me at: ******* Just a dude and his frisbee. I post mostly Sports videos with the occasional comedy video (or at least I think its a comedy) 4-time National Champion, 3 Guinness World Records, Amazing Race Season 28, throws frisbees into trash cans, basketball hoops, and pretty much anything a frisbee will fit in to. Always down to try new things and ideas, so please let me know what vids you want to see. More family-friendly content coming your way! STAY DARKHORSE MY FRIENDS!!!
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