Why We Quit Our Exercise Plans And What We Can Do About It | Simon Long | TEDxLoughboroughU


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Why We Quit Our Exercise Plans And What We Can Do About It | Simon Long | TEDxLoughboroughU Why we quit our exercise plans and what we can do about it will explore the critical issue of the weight loss industry as it currently stands. That issue being excessive restriction on personal choice and a gross misunderstanding of what constitutes exercise. As the obesity epidemic has prevailed through society an increasing amount of reliance based options have been provided. However, if a behavioral change over conforms to reliance then that change will only last as long as the support. Through education of the broad definition of exercise, combined with a method to discover what exercises excite them, individuals can create exercise plans that are not only enjoyable, but effective. This talk aims to provide that education, using a combination of self-efficacy theory and self-efficacy transference to provide individuality and variance to training plans. This will allow the avoidance of boredom, the achievement of adherence and the realisation of goals. In his early 20s Simon was an obese 36% body fat, with low feelings of self-worth and non-existent confidence. Having tried every weight loss plan available he came to the conclusion that none of them worked, and set out to find why. By exploring the rarity of long term weight loss he managed to design a approach to the problem. After years of research and testing, speaking to top professors in the fields of nutrition, physiology and psychology, a new ethos was born and its principles tested. 9 months later he was an athletic 6.5% body fat. Simon lost one third of his starting body weight safely, healthily, and sustainably. After his transformation Simon became a personal trainer, teaching his principles to clients, allowing them to reach their own goals. More recently Simon enrolled in Loughborough University, where he has the aim of earning his PHD. This will allow him to evolve his new approach and change the landscape of safe and sustainable weight loss forever. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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