Lightroom Classic: 2-Hour Post Processing Masterclass


Lightroom Classic: 2-Hour Post Processing Masterclass This 2-hour post processing masterclass looks at the powerful tools we can use to develop our images. These skills enable us to express what we want to say and how we feel about the subjects we are photographing. Mark draws on his extensive experience as an Adobe Ambassador, Beta tester and Professional Educator to present this illustrated guide to help put you in control of your post production workflows. This movie is available to watch in 4K. Mark Galer is a Sony Alpha Ambassador for Australia. 0:03:26 Expressive Editing 0:05:08 Colour Accuracy 0:07:50 White Balance 0:14:38 Exposure 0:22:19 Crop 0:39:23 Shadows & Highlights 0:50:17 HSL 0:53:38 Vignettes 0:56:12 Filters 1:08:23 Lens Corrections 1:12:06 Default Settings 1:15:26 Black & White 1:26:50 Toning 1:32:48 Texture & Dehaze 1:36:38 Detail 1:44:38 Transform 1:47:13 Beyond the Basics Mark's supporting website for free learning content is Join Mark Galer's YouTube channel as a paid member to receive personal support and participate in live Seminars and Q&A events. If you find Mark's work for the Photographic community helpful please consider making a donation to support the web hosting costs and creation of new content. Go the Donations link
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