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Friends On the Other Side - Disney Villain Mash-Up | Thomas Sanders **Song NOW Available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify!!** iTunes: Spotify: Happy Villaintine’s Day to all of you out there! I’m a HUGE fan of Disney, and especially the baddies from each film! I was so excited to get together again with my friends to create ANOTHER mash-up, this time of Disney Villain songs! This was such a joy to be able to perform and film, and I hope you all enjoy it, too! I first want to give a HUMONGOUS thank you to Jamahl, who performed in the video, played several of the instruments for the song, and ARRANGED this entire mash-up!! He’s such an incredible talent, and I’m lucky to be able to work with him! Jamahl's Links: I also want to give a GIGANTIC thank you to Foti, who performed in the video, played the bass for the song, and RECORDED, MIXED, and MASTERED this whole mash-up song! Beautiful work as always, I appreciate his time and patience on this project!! Foti's Links: And I definitely want to thank all the other beautiful and talented humans you saw performing in this video!! Brittney, Leo, Terrence, and Valerie, you all have such incredible gifts and I’m grateful you shared them with me for this video! Brittney's Links: Leo's Links: Terrence's Links: Valerie's Links: Also, thank you SO MUCH to Dennis, who came in and beautifully played the piano for the song and for the video!! Dennis' Links: I have to give a GARGANTUAN thank you to Joan and Camden, who both worked ENDLESS HOURS on color correcting and adding the effects to this video!! Joan's Links: Camden's Links: Also, a BIG thank you to our two videographers, Alex and Isaiah who spent all day helping us to film the shots for the video!! Alex's Links: Isaiah’s Links: I also wanna thank Erik for coming in to play the guitar for the song!! Erik’s Links: And I wanna GREATLY thank the amazing Lev for creating the awesome thumbnail for this video, as well as the cover art for the song!! Joan also assisted in its creation! Lev’s Links: Joan's Links: Very BIG thank you to the business that let us use their location for the shoot, The Fat Tuscan!! Songs Featured: Princess and the Frog - “Friends on the Other Side" Sword in the Stone - “Mad Madam Mim" Hocus Pocus - “I Put a Spell on You" Lion King - “Be Prepared" Jungle Book - “Trust in Me" Little Mermaid - “Poor Unfortunate Souls" Nightmare Before Christmas - “Oogie Boogie Man" Peter Pan - “The Elegant Captain Hook" The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad - “Headless Horseman Song" 101 Dalmatians - “Cruella De Vil" Hercules - “The Gospel Truth II" Hunchback of Notre Dame - “Hellfire" Aladdin - “Prince Ali (Reprise)" Moana - “Shiny" Frozen - “Love is an Open Door" The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - “Heffalumps and Woozles" Tangled - “Mother Knows Best" Pocahontas - “Mine, Mine, Mine" Beauty and the Beast - “Gaston" _______________________ My Social Links: Tik Tok - ThomasSanders Snapchat - Thomas_Sanders Tumblr - ________________________ Merchandise: North America/WorldWide: UK/EU/AUS: ________________________ Business Inquires:
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