Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Phone


Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Phone How to protect your privacy? How to stay safe while using your phone? Did you know that anyone can get your personal information and read your private messages? Here's a list of the most useful codes for smartphones all in one video, together with some instructions on how to detect intruders. The status of the different types of diversions that are taking place along with the number the information is being transferred to will be displayed on your phone’s screen if you dial *#21#. It’s a good idea to dial ##002# you have to use roaming. In this case, money won’t be taken from your account for calls that are redirected by default to your voice mail. People usually don’t reveal all that much in phone conversations. From the point of view of those who want to listen in, it’s much more worthwhile to set up special devices ("bugs") in someone’s home. Radio wave detectors can be used to work out whether such bugs are present in a building. Determine what information it’s safe to make accessible to all. Be very careful when posting photographs of children. Only your mobile operator should ever offer you tracking services, and they should only turn them on with your explicit agreement. Websites and applications that offer to find out the location of other people are almost certainly acting with criminal intent. TIMESTAMPS *#21# 0:35 *#62# 1:21 ##002# 1:42 *#06# 2:03 The James Bond Code 2:39 Use Anti-Virus Software 4:28 How do the secret services listen in? 5:05 How can you protect yourself from criminals and spies? 6:06 Music: #phonehackers #phonetracking #protectphone SUMMARY -With *#21#, you can find out whether your calls, messages and other data are being diverted. -Dial *#62# if you want to find out where calls, messages, and data are being redirected to if it seems that no one can get through to you. -##002# is a universal code for switching off all forms of redirection away from your phone. -Dial *#06# to find out your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier). If you know this number, you can find your phone if someone steals it. -Special codes exist that allow someone to track your location and also to determine whether someone is following you. The ones to be suspicious of are mobile base stations — this could be a truck or small bus with a large antenna. -If you use Android, you should periodically check your phone for viruses. PlaceRaider is one of the most dangerous ones that can infect your device. -If a phone makes odd noises during a conversation, loses battery power rapidly, overheats, or unexpectedly restarts, this is merely an indication that you need to get it repaired rather than a telltale sign that you’re being listened to. -Use messaging apps that are completely closed to outsiders, such as Telegram, Chare, Wickr, or Signal. Don’t install unknown programs on your phone, keep close track of the apps you have installed, and use multiple security locks wherever you can. to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:
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