Disneyland Secrets Scavenger Hunt!!!


📺 Team Edge
Disneyland Secrets Scavenger Hunt!!! Hey guys! In this challenge, we race against the clock in a Disney filled scavenger hunt! There are riddles and clues that lead us to our goal! Come along with us to see who completes all their tasks first! Team Edge Merchandise! ➡ http://teamedge.store/collections/best-sellers Build Your Boat Battle! | Who Will Sink First!? ➡ http://vilook.com/video/5oEGhFvW8vk&t=608s MORE LINKS BELOW To Team Edge! ➡ http://vilook.com/channel/UCaRH3rDr3K3CEfhVqu5mgUQ More Team Edge Challenge Videos! Season 1 Challenges! ➡ http://vilook.com/playlist?list=PLdU_QLI5aP--e4DyT2Cler5W1PpKLWwQ_ Season 2 Challenges! ➡ http://vilook.com/playlist?list=PLdU_QLI5aP--2XBT-sdKQtkQjyHT3Txgt The Edge Games San Diego 2016 ➡ http://vilook.com/playlist?list=PLdU_QLI5aP--58zK687Fn4_3-MObiefJN J-Fred ➡ http://www.instagram.com/itsjfred/?hl=en Bryan ➡ http://vilook.com/playlist?list=PLZPssQhdLX_8JS7ohhNNrkrBpTdgJHB1B&disable_polymer=true On this channel, you'll see a bunch of family friendly, kid friendly fun challenges, board games, toys, bottle flipping, giant sports, gross food tasting, messy challenges, nerf challenges, and more! Mail Box: 24307 Magic Mtn Pkwy #211 Valencia, CA 91355 Twitter ➡ http://goo.gl/rbKKmG Instagram ➡ http://instagram.com/itsteamedge/ Challenges ➡ Tuesday - Friday

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