They Went To Jail For What They Did To Me



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They Went To Jail For What They Did To Me By Emma | : | Comment, like, share this story. Stand up against people who judge others and use your voice - WEAR IT OUT LOUD! merch back in stock! SHOP LIMITED QUANTITIES! This story took place when Emma was younger - around five or six years old. One night, a group of teenagers were bored and decided to steal their grandpa's gun. They took the weapon, headed to their car and drove around town. Emma does not believe that the teenagers had any truly bad intentions, and she doesn't think they wanted to hurt anyone, but the group started shooting around. They shot at an abandoned house on her street, and they destroyed a truck that was parked nearby. The group of teenagers assumed Emma's house was abandoned, too, so they started to shoot at her window. Emma was home and asleep at the time. The bullet traveled through her bedroom window and went right through her arm. Emma woke up - not understanding what had just happened - and felt a pain in her arm. She felt scared and confused. She tried to go back to sleep, but the pain wouldn't go away, so she decided to head to her dad's room. Her dad asked her what was wrong, and she told him that her arm was hurting her. Because it was so dark, Emma's dad didn't immediately see anything wrong with her. But when he turned on the TV to help her fall asleep, he was shocked by what he saw in the light - Emma was covered in blood. Emma's dad started to freak out, and he looked at her arm and noticed a huge wound. But because no one in their house had her a gun shot, they didn't think it was a bullet wound - they had no idea what it could have been. Emma's dad immediately picked her up and headed to their car. But before they could leave to go get help, they were stopped by police officers in their neighborhood - that's when they learned that she had been shot. Emma and her family were shocked, and they waited for an ambulance to arrive. Emma was in the hospital for three days and, luckily, her arm healed. Her class made her really sweet cards while she was in the hospital, and she really appreciated their support. The three teenagers were caught by the police, and they ended up going to jail for what they did. Emma can hardly believe it when she looks back at the experience and says to herself, "They went to jail for what they did to me." Record your story or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated. ______ What's your true story? storybooth wants to hear it! LINKS: Website: Instagram: thestorybooth Tumblr: If you liked this storybooth storytime (story time storybook) animation watch our themed parity playlist collections full of true stories: Being Yourself: Love and Heartbreak: Embarrassing and Funny: Bullies and Mean People: Overcoming Challenges: #storybooth #noscripts #novoiceactors
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