"Ek Leer vir jou, dan leer djy vir my" - Mixed Mense


"Ek Leer vir jou, dan leer djy vir my" - Mixed Mense "Ek leer vir jou dan leer djy vir my" means I teach you, then you teach me. Mixed Mense means "mixed people" or people of mixed so-called race. This project was created by Emile YX? to share performance skills and concepts with dancers that have been with him for the past 8 years. Emile YX? decided to create this group to earn an income from performing, while at the same time writing rhymes about various issue that address the perspectives that people have of this mixed race concept, as well as pre-conceived and prejudice against youth from the Cape Flats. Most of the members of Mixed Mense are from Lavender Hill and they want the world to see that mostly good people live in their community, but the general media mostly covers the gangsters and drug dealers creating a perception that most people in the community are gangsters, which is FAR from the truth.
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