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Animate My Life | Guava Juice ➔ WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: Instead of Draw My Life, this is Animate My Life! Thank you iDoodleyDo ➽ Wanna do my captions? ➽ Download the Stay Juicy album ➽ Download TUB TAPPER for FREE! ➽ and become a GUAV! ➽ Buy Guava Toys at Target! ➽ Send me some FAN ART! ➽ Guava Juice Merchandise ➽ Want a shoutout? ➽ Follow me on the Social Media! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter ➽ Instagram ➽ Facebook ➽ Snapchat ➽ WhereIsRoi Watch some of these AWESOME playlists! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Randomness! ➽ - Challenges! ➽ - Roblox! ➽ - Tutorials!! ➽ ╘[◉﹃◉]╕ ╘[◉﹃◉]╕╘[◉﹃◉]╕ What's up YouTube! Welcome to Guava Juice! I post a videos a day at 12PM PST! You may know me as Roi Wassabi from Wassabi Productions. On here, you'll find INSANE challenges, filling up my BATH TUB with random things, COOL experiments, SILLY DIY, and random shenanigans that you'll love! I also have played games from Roblox and Happy Wheels, Horror Games, and random games you've never heard of. You'll also find and become a GUAV! You won't be disappointed! Stay Juicy! ( ́ ◕◞ε◟◕`) #stayjuicy #guavajuice
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George Foote
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Ava Brogioli
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Alexander McCready
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Ricardo Bdlonio
Ricardo Bdlonio
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julian celestial
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