SWFL Eagles~The Pantry Is Stocked! Harriet & M Deliver Fish & Feed E15! E16 Wing Sticking Out 4.1.20


📺 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles~The Pantry Is Stocked! Harriet & M Deliver Fish & Feed E15! E16 Wing Sticking Out 4.1.20 Early this morning, Harriet brought in a partial rabbit and now she flies in with a nice sized fish. She starts to feed E15 and M wanted to help her! How sweet!! He takes a break while she feeds their little one. Later, M flies in with a fish too! He got Harriet's memo to stock the pantry! Harriet takes a break and flies off the nest and M takes over and continues to feed E15. In the meantime, check out E16 who has a wing sticking out of the eggshell! Amazing footage of this hatching. Thank you for watching! Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk Thank you SWFEC , hosted by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, for allowing us the opportunity to view these amazing eagles. Watch live: http://www.dickpritchettrealestate.com/eagle-feed.htm

SWFL Eagles~The Pantry Is Stocked! Harriet M Deliver Fish Feed E15! E16 Wing Sticking Out 4.1.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Pulls At Shell ~ Helps E15 Along! 💕💕 Hatch In Progress! 3.30.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ BOBBLEHEAD BONKFEST!!! Let The Bonking Begin! 😃 Feisty E16 Starts It!! 4.3.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ 3/31/20 ~ Welcome Little E15 Hip Pip Hurrah for Egg #4! (Part 2) Nature Child
E16 Works Way Out of Shell, E15 Eats -Southwest Florida Cam-April 2, 2020 BrenLou
E16 Hatch Day - Welcome Sweet Baby Eaglet - Historical Hatch - SWFL Bald Eagles - April 2, 2020 Deb Stecyk
SWFL Eagles~E15 Up Early Breakfast With Mom-E16 Moving Around in Egg_4.1.20 chickiedee64
SWFL Eagles - April, 2 - E16 HATCH! Welcome Lil One! ~ E15 Three Days Old sperantaexista1
SWFL Eagles ~ Amazing DUAL Feeding! Harriet Feeds E15 M15 Feeds E16! 4.3.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles~Breakfast for E15, wing of E16 is still hanging out of egg~2020/04/02 liznm
SWFL Eagles ~ HATCH IN PROGRESS~ E15 Is On Its Way! Egg Tooth Seen! 3.29.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ THIS IS NUTS!! 😂 Harriet Brings In STUFFED SQUIRREL TOY ANIMAL To Nest!! 4.7.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ BONKFEST CONTINUES! 😂 E16 Gets Wing Whacked By E15! Dad Lays Stick On E16 Too! 4.6.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles~Perfect Timing! M15 Delivers *REAL* Squirrel Feeds Harriet! She Feeds The E's 💕 4.7.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ WELCOME TO THE WORLD E16!! Feisty Hungry Grabs First Bite! Wonderful Blessing 4.2.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ E15 Pink Toes Cuteness! E16 Getting Ready To Join Family - Wing poking Out! 4.1.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ Hilarious! E16 Bonks E15! Watch E15 Retaliate Bonk Dad Instead! SLOMO! 4.4.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ We Have An ESCAPEE! E15 Climbs Out Of Nest Bowl First Time At 5 DAYS OLD! 4.5.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ A Bonk By E15 A Stretch By Dad Causes E16 To Take A Tumble Backwards! 4.9.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ Blood Seen Inside Egg While E15 Is Hatching! Working Hard To Break Free! 💕 3.29.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ CROW UPDATE On E14's Exam - Broken Pin Feather NOT Fish Hook! 1.15.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ E16 Is On Its Way! Wing Out Of Shell Almost Here! Dad Dribbles Fish On E15 😂 4.1.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles * THAT SQUIRREL IS TOO CUTE! * Harriet Brings Stuffed Animal to Nest/Tries to Defur It! D MorningStar
SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet Gives E16 A Good Feeding Before Bed! Full Crop Sweet Tuck In! ♥ ♥ 4.13.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles * DOUBLE EGGCITEMENT CHEER!! * E15 Hatched E16 Pipped!! * Congratulations HM!! XOXO D MorningStar
SWFL Eagles~E16 Hatch Update-Feeding-COG_4.2.20 chickiedee64
M15 takes over, feeds himself, E7 bonks E8 remorselessly - SW Florida Bald Eagles scyllabub
SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet pulls fish out of E8's throat!! 2.25.16 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ E9 Bites Mom Foot; Grabs Fish From Dad 2.23.17 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles~E15-Hatch Progress_3.30.20 chickiedee64
SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet Steals A Fish E16 Swallows The Tail! Sibling Talons Pin Feathers 4.18.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ Living On The Edge! E15 E16 Wingers Perching On The Rails! Cam 2 Coverage 5.17.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet Offers Prized Fish Eyeball To E16! Down the Hatch It Goes! 😂🙈 4.4.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles.~ Dad, Don't Hurt The Baby! sperantaexista1
SWFL Eagles ~ E15 ~ BIG HOLE IN EGG NOW!! Hatch Progressing Nicely! Cute Open Beak Seen! 3.29.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles_ H M Show Loving Care For Their Miracles: E15/6 days E16/4 days 04-06-20 wskrsnwings
SWFL Eagles * JOY JOY JOY!! * E16 Hatched! * Little Sweetie Came Out Bonking Eating!! * XOXO D MorningStar
SWFL Eagles ~ A Very SCARY Moment! E16 Almost CHOKES On Big Bone! Thankfully Spits It Out! 5.9.20 Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Steals A Fish Feeds The E's! Peeking Over The Rails! Pin Feathers Wingers! Lady Hawk
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