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David Dobrik's Blind Date With a Superfan | Celeb Blind Date I'm pretty sure everyone on YouTube has a crush on David Dobrik. We set him up on a blind date with a vlog squad superfan to see if sparks fly IRL. The catch? His date has no idea THE David Dobrik is behind the curtain! Will she guess he's her favorite member of the vlog squad before the end of the date? Watch and see. BTW, he also reveals whether or not he'd date a fan, and I am SCREAMING at his answer!!! ♥ to Seventeen! http://bit.ly/SUBToSEVENTEEN ♥ ♥ Follow Seventeen ♥ http://instagram.com/seventeen http://twitter.com/seventeen http://www.facebook.com/seventeen ♥ SEVENTEEN SHOWS ♥ Firsts: http://bit.ly/2ETcF5z Style Lab: http://bit.ly/17StyleLab Bullet Journaling w/ Noelle: http://bit.ly/BulletJournalingWithNoelle Celebs & Seventeen: http://bit.ly/17Celebs NEW Uploads Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 5pm ET! YouTube.com/Seventeen is your daily video destination for fashion, beauty, celebrities and lifestyle! Tune in each week for fun, original programming hosted by Seventeen editors, exclusive behind-the-scenes features and interviews with the hottest celebs. Savvy, Smart, Stylish, Seventeen!

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