CHOCOLATE FOOD VS REAL FOOD! **Hearts, Alligator, Shark, and more!**


CHOCOLATE FOOD VS REAL FOOD! **Hearts, Alligator, Shark, and more!** Today I compare chocolate foods to real foods and see if it's delicious or not! Download the Stay Juicy album ➽ Download TUB TAPPER for FREE! ➽ and become a GUAV! ➽ Buy Guava Toys at Target! ➽ Get your own Guava Juice Box ➽ Guava Juice Merchandise ➽ Want a shoutout? ➽ http:// Watch some of these AWESOME playlists! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Do Not Do This! ➽ Fun Experiments! ➽ Bath Tub Challenges! ➽ Your Favorite Videos! ➽ Follow me on the Social Media! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter ➽ Instagram ➽ Facebook ➽ Snapchat ➽ WhereIsRoi Become a true Guava Juice fan! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Wanna help do my captions? ➽ Send me some FAN ART! ➽ ╘[◉﹃◉]╕ ╘[◉﹃◉]╕╘[◉﹃◉]╕ What's up YouTube! Welcome to Guava Juice! I post a video every day at 12PM PST! You may know me as Roi Wassabi from Wassabi Productions. On here, you'll find INSANE challenges, filling up my BATH TUB with random things, COOL experiments, SILLY DIY, and random shenanigans that you'll love! I also have played games from Roblox and Happy Wheels, Horror Games, and random games you've never heard of. You'll also find and become a GUAV! You won't be disappointed! ( ́ ◕◞ε◟◕`) Thanks for reading the end of this description! #stayjuicy #guavajuice
Norma Huerta
Grace Fidler
Kaden and Gage
Landon Dent
stephanie molt
Taliyah Barley
Heather Magenheimer reed
Pia paz Vargas
Anthony Galvez Jr
Beth Carbonell
Beth Carbonell
Maaraanau Tutai
Maaraanau Tutai
Carl Cabuhat
CupTart31234 And MugHand00118
The Bloody Emerald Dimensions
Dragon Soda98
xX ZyPhR Xx
xX ZyPhR Xx
Carolina Montealegre
Jasmine Taylor
Constantin Dan
Marc Carroll
Abraham Skelton
Cristal Macias
Fatima Khomsi
John Ginard Mortejo
Yallama Devi Krupe
gacha kitty meow
Michael Jordan
Raffy Moldez
Mari Frowner
Laila Thompson
Vikepelie Suohu
Lnya Bell
Jose Rodriguez
Enforcer Robo
Enforcer Robo
Enforcer Robo
Mel Grant
gaming recker 33
gaming recker 33
Brunette Bellevue
rigo salgado
Andrea Castro
Andrea Castro
T Man
Jose Pena
Patrick Brownong
LexiMsp MspYT
LexiMsp MspYT
Ali Ahmed
sneh cancerian
Erika Rdz
Liu kang Flaming fist
Gail Wilson
Greg Jimenez
Jaden Rocha
Mahmood raja sajid
Evie games789
Arica Miwa
Arica Miwa
Kristin Delangel
Blake Carey
Justine Briggs
Jessica Karol
build a boat for treasure IN ROBLOX F4113N_4N931
Samuel Etwaroo
Caine Ingham
Caine Ingham
Bella Swift
Bendy Mohammed
Maria Rivera
Bonny Nyaga
Helena Papas
Yusra Fuaad
Sam Worthington
Solo Star
Nieka Vermaak
Kwebbel Kid
Hajira Atqa
Rachelle Smee
Jack Greenslade
sonia asif
Anjana khaling
Anamika Halder
Jhomel Longcob
Mangle Tangle
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Carlene Gillen
Basketball Wilkes
Maria Nelson
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