NodeGraph TV: Introducing NodeGraph 3.0 (the new & improved data quality platform)


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NodeGraph TV: Introducing NodeGraph 3.0 (the new & improved data quality platform) Join Carl and Oskar as they take a closer look new & improved data quality platform. To schedule a personalized demo, click here → More specifically, this webinar takes you through the exciting updates in NodeGraph 3.0, including our: - Data Atlas (focusing on data lineage and data understanding) - Data Quality Manager (focusing on automated testing and quality assurance) - and our Add-ons & Integrations (including NPrinting and Qlik Sense extensions) If you are entirely new to NodeGraph - welcome! We are a data quality platform for QlikView and Qlik Sense. To find out more about using automated testing in Qlik to achieve high data quality, head over to our website - As always, we would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and questions when it comes to data quality issues, data quality management, data quality concepts, etc. so please comment on this video to reach out to us! Have an absolutely fantastic day!

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