BZ Community Class- Emerson Aquino and Kyle Shea (duet)




BZ Community Class- Emerson Aquino and Kyle Shea (duet) MEET EMERSON AQUINO Emerson Aquino has been dancing for the past 15 years and is most recognized as the Co-Founder and Executive Artistic Director of Funkanometry SF Dance Company. Throughout the years, Emerson has trained and danced with groups such as 220, Anarchy, Culture Shock Oakland, and SWC, and his dancing and directing skills continue to grow through his work with Funkanometry SF. In 2005, Emerson founded Project EM, the all-male dance company under the Funkbrella. Project EM is known for their sexy, stylized dance moves and entertaining performances. Today, Emerson acts as the Executive Artistic Director of the Funkbrella’s five dance companies, through which he continues to give back to the community that he was first inspired by. MEET KYLE SHEA Kyle Thomas Shea is a native resident of San Francisco, California. He started dancing at the age of 2 with his older brother watching Janet, Michael, and TLC music videos and learning on his own. In high school he got his first taste of choreography and he loved creating bits and pieces of choreography to his favorite music. In 2005 he joined the Funksters Summer Intensive camp which was led by Mariel Martin, Gloryzen Mendoza, and Emerson Aquino. From there on he pursued dance and choreography with Funksters, the youth training company of Funkanometry SF, up until 2008. As a member of Funksters, Kyle learned the history of this amazing dance community, became a more well rounded dancer, and made choreography for the company as well. Mariel Martin and Gloryzen Mendoza played a huge role in shaping him as a dancer and as a human being and he could never ever thank them more. In 2009, Kyle became an Artistic Coordinator for the Funkbrella's collegiate competitive team, The Odds. Working with The Odds has pushed him to be a more conscious leader and choreographer and he is trying to better his team everyday through his love and passion for dance and music. He is also MAD excited to teach Boogiezone and is so honored for the opportunity! His style incorporates whatever he's feeling, a little bit of Kylie Minogue, and maybe some old 80's rock or maybe some booty shaking and hard ish. You never knowKyle always tries to have fun in what he does. DISCLAIMER: For Inspirational purposes only. Please respect the creative work of this choreographer. Duplicating or recycling these moves in any shape or form for your own use (without permission) is prohibited and "shameful."
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