Rvssian x Sfera Ebbasta - Pablo


📺 Rvssian
Rvssian x Sfera Ebbasta - Pablo BUY NOW: http://isl.lnk.to/pablo Head Concussion Records 2018 MAKE SURE TO TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN WE LAUNCH NEW & EXCLUSIVE TRACKS! http://vilook.com/subscription_center?add_user=headconcussiontv Click for more music videos from Head Concussion Records: http://vilook.com/video/XQoj75vAvDc&index=1&list=PLJ7fB4pQpmUJtHJxQxfs3eWHA7s7NylNs Follow Rvssian Instagram: http://instagram.com/rvssian Twitter: http://twitter.com/rvssianhcr Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Hcrecords Head Concussion TV is the official YouTube channel of Jamaican super producer Tarik "RVSSIAN" Johnston and his Dancehall and Reggae label Head Concussion Records. for new music and to support Caribbean Music!
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