® Random LoL Moments | Episode 418 (League of Legends)

14/11/2017 | 04:29
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® Random LoL Moments | Episode 418 (League of Legends) ® Random LoL Moments | Episode 418 (League of Legends) ► Watch the last episode: s:qG5GppzLdS4 ► Never miss a video, click here! A3y0TW -Replay 1 sent by Roman-Bellic s:-EIT1utGL9Q Channel s:UC67-R6yZw6RfsfTE0ent5aA -Replay 2 sent by ViolentAlpaca s:r1H2SVR-ksg Channel s:UCA7LWlKy9p4rvy5mPLx83Yg -Replay 3 sent by GraouKH s:212yv2g3Kz8 Channel s:UCQZZxs-9X3NWXAIqbGOzaOA -Replay 4 sent by imSynygy plays.tvvideo56b2a29d2f47b8b8b3 Channel plays.tvuSynygy Stream twitch.tvsynygy -Replay 5 sent by Coggleslol s:YDzSEl_3LH0 Channel s:UC16SkUdARyrdJ1q9h9Z9gCQ Stream twitch.tvmikeydecoy ► Video presentation by: TheSupremeNTM ► Realm Franchise by: Shibby: s:Shane ► Music presented by: + Tobu - Sweet Story s:jmsgCGILWN4 s:soundcloud7obusweet-story is licensed under a Creative Commons License. creativecommonslicensesby3.0 ► Realm : s:MachinimaRealm ► Realm : s:MachinimaRealm ► Please flag troll or spam comments. We are all here to have fun, be positive and enjoy ourselves and the games we all play and love. ► Notice an issue in the description for a play or music? Please tweet Shane. We want to make sure the right play-makers and artists are given the proper credit. ► What is League of Legends? ► League of Legends is a 3D, third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. The game consists of four game modes: Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, Crystal Scar, and Howling Abyss. Players compete in matches, typically lasting 20–60 minutes. In each game mode teams work together to accomplish a terminal objective and achieve a victory condition, either to destroy a central objective controlled by the enemy team, known as a Nexus, or to capture and hold the most strategic points for the longest period of time. Each game mode includes a variety of smaller intermediate objectives that give players and teams advantages in achieving overall victory. League Of Legends (Video Game),Real-time Strategy (Media Genre),Strategy Game (Game Genre),Video Game (Industry),random lol moments,lol moments,rlm,random league moments,reddit league of legends,league reddit,reddit league,lol replay,baron replay,lol game,lol videos,league of legends gameplay,last stand taric,jungle artillery kogmaw,bronze cheese,udyr fly by,level 1 hostage crisis,legends,league,lol,random,episode,league of legends