KSI - KILIMANJARO (Official Video)

14/11/2017 | 09:08
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KSI - KILIMANJARO (Official Video) KSI - KILIMANJARO (Official Video) Track taken from the "Keep Up" EP GET 'Keep Up' EP: iTunes: poKeepUpEP3 Amazon: poFdrkwc Signed EPs & T-shirts available here: poKeepUpStore Video Credits: Directed By ZAGOR Producer By Oliver Sunley Hinnaa Sulahria (Production Manager Assistant Director) Asli Umut (Director of Photography Editor) Stephen Glass (Gaffer) Cem Demirer (Spark) Paisley Walsh Spark Poom Saiyavath (Camera Operator) Nia Fausset (Production Design) Bora Demirbilek (Colour Grader) Music Credits: Lyrics Written By KSI Music Produced By New Reign (Zagor, Sway & D-Phantom) Mixed By Turkish Lyrics: Chorus: Kilimanjaro (Yeah) Kilimanjaro (Yeah) Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro (Yeah) Kilimanjaro (Yeah) X2 Verse 1: Kilimanjaro at the top like a Pharaoh Verified chicks want a for a Asking for my P what the fuck you trying to borrow Aiming at your knee when I’m springing out my arrow Come fuck with me Come fuck with me Fuck up your spree No time to flee Timber what I call when I push down a tree Timber, I don’t care if Gudjon or Lee Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro Verse 2: Done with all the past now I’m all about tomorrow Little did you know I’m the one they all you other fools are hollow Opposition here like oh no Got me killing shit like Zorro Workflow is beyond no time here to be Take time to respond when you texting me Got no time for your shit I'm try a get lit Climbing to the top is why I had to go and split Destined for better So watch me go get it Trying to stop the man Pfft pathetic I see what you’re scheming But the man is so blessed that he’ll fuck up your demon Chorus X2 Attire on that insane (yeah yeah yeah yeah) Giuseppe for that shoe name (yeah yeah yeah yeah) Styling on these membranes (Wha wha wha wha) Coming from my own lane (Wha wha) Face it bitch, I’m here to stay (All day) Breaking out like I'm in Pompeii Playing the game and I'm here still winning God bless to the guys team killing Not on that side motherfucker devoted my team Girls like my theme Slurping my cream ed my dream So many angles Don't fuck with my angles Or deal with the Chuck Drink in the hand got me feeling so fucked Still I'm fucked with my team I got the houses in cities (I do ) Investment in tune with the millies (I do) We party and drink yeah we feeling supreme Got no question when showing the fidies Xix the man wear (Yeah ) KEEP UP if unaware (Yeah) ‘Cause I’m sagging the Queen in my joggers (Cash) Peacing out to the fuckers that doubted Got riches and riches in places I'm routed (so routed) At top of the mountain we killing it killing it Chorus X2 KSI,KILIMANJARO,MUSIC VIDEO