Nightcore - With Me Now

12/11/2017 | 04:35
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Nightcore - With Me Now Nightcore - With Me Now Nightcore - With Me Now by Me. Original Song: Blacklite District Check the links below!!! Please support the original artist: ~ Blacklite District - s:itunes.appleusartistblacklite-districtid306537022 - s:userBlackliteDistrict - s:BlackliteDistrict - s:officialbld Now please support me too! - me on : s:ZeroMizKun - Check out my fb page: s:fbMizTheBrotherZeroKun - me on Twitch: twitch.tvzeromizkun - me on Instagram: s:instagramzeromizkun - to My Backup: s:cZeroPromotions0 ~ to my girlfriend as well :3 - s:cCherryPromotions Programs used: Audio - Virtual dj Video - Adobe After Effects Font - YouMurdererBB Old Evils Blank eye Download:mediafirelistenbj4lh67jiev19wtNightcore_-_With_Me_Now.mp3 Pic Link: imgur7ltItu8 Lyrics on video. ~ To the Original Creator of the song: If you are the original artist and you don't want your music on my , please contact me via my 's e comments private message and I will remove your content. ~ nightcore,Electro House (Musical Genre),Rock Music (Film Genre),Hardcore (Musical Genre),Anime (TV Genre),Music (TV Genre)