Peppa Pig Episodes - Birthday compilation - Cartoons for Children

02/02/2018 | 11:50
Peppa Pig Episodes - Birthday compilation - Cartoons for Children Peppa Pig Episodes - Birthday compilation - Cartoons for Children Mummy Pig’s Birthday It is Mummy Pig’s birthday. Peppa, George and Daddy Pig are just as excited as Mummy. They have lots of fun preparing secret, birthday surprises for her. When Mummy Pig sees her beautiful cake and opens her present she is absolutely delighted. George’s Birthday It is snowing today. Peppa and George must wear their hats and scarves and gloves. They have lots of fun playing in the snow, making footprints and throwing snowballs. Then they build a snowman, complete with his own hat and scarf and gloves. Daddy Pig's Birthday Today is Daddy Pig’s birthday. But Daddy Pig still has to go to work. He promises Peppa and George that he will be home as soon as he can. While Daddy is out Mummy Pig, Peppa and George make a chocolate birthday cake and prepare a “special birthday surprise”. They only just finish the birthday preparations as Daddy Pig arrives home from work. What can Daddy’s “special birthday surprise” be? My Birthday Party It’s Peppa Pig’s birthday today. Peppa wakes up very early so she doesn’t waste any of her special day. First, Peppa gets a present from Mummy, Daddy and George. Then it’s time for her party. Daddy Pig does some funny magic tricks and makes a birthday cake appear with four candles for Peppa to blow out. Happy Birthday, Peppa Pig! Danny's Pirate Party It’s Danny Dog’s birthday, and with the help of Grandad Dog and Grandpa Pig, the children take part in a pirate treasure hunt. Edmond Elephant's Birthday Peppa and her friends are asked to help at Edmond Elephant's Birthday Party. Grampy Rabbit's Dinosaur Park To celebrate Freddy Fox's birthday the children go on a trip to a Dinosaur Park. With Grampy Rabbit as their leader, they dinosaur footprints to find Freddy's birthday treat. Welcome to the Official Peppa Pig and the home of Peppa on YouTube! We have created a world of Peppa with episodes and compilations to keep even the most dedicated Peppa fans happy. Enjoy and don't forget to . to Peppa on YouTube ► s:peppapig Official Peppa Pig Website ► peppapighome Peppa Pig on ►PeppaPigUK Global ► s:OfficialPeppaPigUK?brand_redir=1 UK ► s:OfficialPeppaPigUK Pinterest ► officialpeppauk Find out about Peppa events Peppa goodies and everything else Peppa here ► peppapiggrown-ups To buy the limited edition Muddy Puddles DVD click here ► Peppa10YearsDVD