SFM| The Terrible Fate | SlyphStorm (MLPCreepyPasta song) - Pegasus Device

11/11/2017 | 23:30
SFM| The Terrible Fate | SlyphStorm (MLPCreepyPasta song) - Pegasus Device SFM| The Terrible Fate | SlyphStorm (MLPCreepyPasta song) - Pegasus Device I am NOT a fan of MLP! Just love the song. ■STORY■ s:quotevstory8899202The-factory-of-Rainbow-Slush This took me a while! At the middle of animtions I got a new keyboard and it was a pain to get used to it xD but now everything is fine x) Hope You enjoyed it and check the story for more details ^-^ I as well added story to couple of other animations so the story is macthing, I guess xD as well I couldn't animate the ignites, because of a lot of textures applied on them Big Thanks to Kai211! He helped me a lot with cameralight settings! - s:UCWwW9UB6FQmnSJFiCk-6SlQ ◆ My Social Media Sites ◆ ●My website: xboxgamerk.onlineask-me ●Steam group: steamcommunitygroupsXboxGamerKsGroup# ●Twitch: s:twitch.tvxboxgamerk ●: s:katrina.kravale ●Send me fanart: s:plus.u0b107643552233156245788+XboxGamerK?pageId=107643552233156245788 ■SONG■ by SlyphStorm - s:watch?v=wzb76EFqZkg ■Intro song■ Nightcore - Faded [Susumu Remix] ■Outro song■ Ahxello - Forever All models and stuff DON'T belong to me even the music, only my efforts in this animation! ■Models■ by: T.Chica, T. Freddy, T. Bonnie, Puppet - Bill Johnson Pre Mangle - Red_Eye For Ignited animatronics (Emodels) W.ChicaFreddyBonnieFoxy with special textures + Springbonnie by Emodel Springtrap, Fan made ignited Springtrap - Failz Nightmare Toy FreddyBonnie (For my illusion) - MacKid45Splinks ■DO NOT RE-UPLOAD!■ You can do something creative out of it. If you want to use it full then please contact me on YouTube. ■PROGRAMS■ I used: SFM Source Filmmaker Paint tool sai for redoing pictures Sony Vegas Pro 1113 for montage all parts together THIS WAS MADE IN 18 DAYS (~80 hours in total) ~Enjoy!~ JOIN VSP GROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: s:youpartnerwspen FNAF,MLP song,FNAF SFM,SFM,Bonnie,Freddy,Mangle,Chica,Withereds,Toys,Ignites,TJoC,FNAC,Springbonnie,Springtrap,60 fps,animation,FNAF animation,Puppet,Plushies