elevenve - Turion [Silk Music]

30/11/2017 | 20:57
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elevenve - Turion [Silk Music] elevenve - Turion [Silk Music] Download or Stream: smarturlSILK066 Enjoy Silk's Latest on Spotify: SilkSpotifyNew ▼ Silk Music: » Spotify: SilkSpotify » Bandcamp: SilkBandcamp » YouTube: SilkMusicTV » : Silk » SoundCloud: SilkSoundCloud » : Silk --- Visit our website: silk-music Want some new merchandise? silk-musicstore --- ▼ elevenve: soundcloudelevenpointfive elevenpointfive --- ▼ Release Tracklist: 01 elevenve - Pinnacle (Intro Mix) 02 elevenve - Turion (Original Mix) 03 elevenve - Pinnacle (Club Mix) With various internationally acclaimed tracks already under his belt in recent months, elevenve shows no signs of slowing down, as we are excited to present a brand new 2-track EP by the American sensation on our parent imprint. He has been on quite a ride recently: from his "The Way We Were" single to the more recent "Freckles Echo" EP, both of which were supported on radio by Above & Beyond, as well as many other leading international DJ's. This new EP features his uplifting, peak-hour sound, which has been embraced by progressive house and trance fans alike. There are two versions of "Pinnacle" available here: an "Intro Mix", featuring the gorgeous main theme at the beginning of the track, as well as the Club Mix, which has already been previewed by Tom Fall on his Silk Royal Showcase 03 mix. The first half of the track centers on a resonant and meaty bassline progression, as moody pads imbue the track with a haunting soundscape. In the first of two extended breaks, we are met by the celestial synth line -- the main theme and truly most memorable riff of the song -- as well as a gorgeous piano instrumental. Later on, in the main break, these themes are joined by the crescendoing bassline, which creates a powerful climax (or should we say "pinnacle"?) to the track. The B-side is "Turion", which once again features an inspired and infectious lead theme. Although various layers and background melodies spice up the soundscape, the main chord progression is the real "star" of this show, which both reverberates on the dancefloor and evokes a euphoric response in the listener. Progressive House,elevenve,Turion,Progressive House 2013,Progressive House Music,elevenve 2013,Silk Music,Music For Gym,elevenve Turion,Turion elevenve,Study Music,Training Music