Mahabharat | Tv Series | B. R. Chopra | Episode 63

13/11/2017 | 07:15
Mahabharat | Tv Series | B. R. Chopra | Episode 63 Mahabharat | Tv Series | B. R. Chopra | Episode 63 In Hastinapur, everyone is nervous when Sanjay returns from meeting with Yudhishthir and his allies. Sanjay says, "Duryodhan should know that Arjun said, 'If Indraprastha is not given back to us, we will uproot the Kauravas.'" Duryodhan remains adamant about going to war. Shakuni advises Duryodhan to seek Krishna's help. Arjun also wishes to seek Krishna's help and visits Krishna at the same time as Duryodhan. Krishna tells them, he is obliged to assist both of them. now for the latest Bollywood Funniest Scenes and Songs s:RYjWbK Log On To Our Official Website : lehren Mahabharat,Mahabharat tv series,B. R. Chopra,mahabharat television serial,mahabharat tv serial,mahabharat tv serial all episodes,mahabharat tv program,mahabharat tv show,mythological show,mythological stories,mythological serial,tv show,serials of sony tv,serials of zee tv,television program,television show,television awards 2017,television film,television online,ek aur mahabharat