REAR DELTS in Just 4 MOVES - Including NO EQUIPMENT options!

27/11/2016 | 18:34
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REAR DELTS in Just 4 MOVES - Including NO EQUIPMENT options! Complete your shoulder development with the ATHLEAN-X Program athleanxxcompleteshoulders The rear deltoids or rear delts have definitely got to be one of the most overlooked muscles in the shoulders, let alone the upper body. Big mistake! Why? Because, when trained properly, the rear delts have the ability to unlock muscle strength and size in the rest of your upper body. The posterior deltoids contribute largely to the function of the rotator cuff and help to keep the front side and back side muscles of our kinetic chain in balance. Muscles in balance work betterand stronger! In this video I show you how to get bigger rear delts by training the muscles of the shoulder the way they are meant to be. I even show you a bodyweight deltoid exercise that hits the posterior delts big time! When you consider their function, the rear delts quickly become apparent that they are no less important than the front or side delts. In fact, some might argue that they are the most important of the three deltoid heads. You can train the rear delts with exercises like reverse flies or reverse flyes depending on how you want to spell it, or bent over side laterals. That said, I think there are even better ways to work out the rear delts, and I show you four exercises to do just that. This includes a bodyweight only version that you can do literally anywhere, to light up those rear deltoids. For a complete workout program that leaves no muscle group overlooked, be sure to head to athleanxxcompleteshoulders and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. You can start training like an athlete literally within minutes from now! For more shoulder workouts and exercises that target all of the deltoid heads, be sure to browse and to our here on at userjdcav24