Representin' The Valley (Stand Up Comedy)

12/11/2017 | 11:24
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Representin' The Valley (Stand Up Comedy) Representin' The Valley (Stand Up Comedy) Frazer Smith is down with the hip hop lingo. to Comedy Time YouTube here: Comedy_Time ChickComedy - Chick_Comedy Funny4Shizzle - Funny4Shizzle ComedyTimeLatino - ComedyTimeLatino BootyBites - BootyBites QuickLaffs - quicklaffs Social Media links: - s:ComedyTimeTV - s:comedytime Official Website - comedytime -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Getting Older Suprises (Stand Up Comedy)" ➨ s:watch?v=ZzHYdc_-c-Y -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Frazer Smith,comedytime,comedy time,standup,stand up,joke,comedy,comedian,sexting,texting,interception,Brett Favre,fantasy,football,Detroit,Lions,lol,laugh,funny,Tiger Woods,golf,McDonald's,dad,son,hip,hop,grandma,troops,soldiers,Army,Iraq,Iceland,Bjork,Ryan Seacrest,Michael Vick,Petco,Brokeback Mountain,Snookie,Jeopardy,humor,laughs,Representin' The Valley,clips,comedy show,full episode