Boomerang Kids: The Valley Warriors - Episode 11

13/11/2017 | 18:33
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Boomerang Kids: The Valley Warriors - Episode 11 Boomerang Kids: The Valley Warriors - Episode 11 Cool Dad assembles all the gangs of The Valley for an important meeting. Boomerang Kids is a new web series produced by Tomm Fondle and Official Comedy. Check in each Friday this month for five new episodes. Rob Gillis -- Karl Kwiatkowski Hollis Mason -- Kasey Elise Leo Tanzi -- Jon Oswald Kevin Jenkins -- Maxwell Towson Tyrese (Cool Dad) -- Danny DeLloyd Greg Masterson -- Tim Cairo Mid-City Mimes Leader -- Max Schlossberg Piru Bloods Leader -- Jean Elie Piru Bloods Member -- John Morgan Studio City Sluggers Leader -- Candelore Norman WeHo Fun Boys Leader -- Geoff Moysa Three-Dee -- Jake Gibson Beverly Hills Slut -- Juliana VanderPluym Directed by Ryan Prows Produced by Narineh Hacopian Written by Tim Cairo, Jake Gibson, Shaye Ogbonna, Ryan Prows and Maxwell Towson Cinematographer -- Benjamin Kitchens Production Designer -- Juli Kunke Editor -- Ralph Thierry Jean-Pierre Costume Designer -- Melody Brocious to Tomm Fondle: subscription_center?add_user=tommfondle to Official Comedy for free at: mf8J5 Like us on : s:OfficialComedy us on : s:#!OfficialComedy our Tumblr: officialcomedy. Comedy,Funny,Hilarious,LOL,ROFL,boomerang kids,tomm fondle,sketch,official comedy,millennial,sex,drugs,pot,alcohol,party,teen,web series,boomerang,cool dad,rob