OrderServ | Omni Ordering Solutions by Cognizant

22/11/2016 | 21:20
OrderServ | Omni Ordering Solutions by Cognizant pixvid.meorderserv Fifty-two percent of adults surveyed in 2013 by the National Restaurant Association say they'd like to "use a smartphone or tablet for ordering takeout or delivery" but few solutions connect the entire restaurant value chain, from kitchen management systems to point-of-sales systems. OrderServ, from Cognizant, is a restaurant ordering solution-as-a-service for restaurant chains. It delivers all the customization and integration of a built-from-scratch system with the cost advantages—and time-to-market benefits—of a cloud-based platform. That means restaurants can 1. Minimize the manual tasks that need to be done at each location 2. Tune the supply chain to respond to spikes in mobileonline orders 3. Deliver a consistent, reliable customer experience across any 4. Integrate loyalty programs, nurture the brand, and collect new and better data about customers For more information about OrderServ, visit pixvid.meorderserv