~☀*★~ SHOPKINS WEEK ~★*☀~ SHOPKINS Wobbles PLAY DOH SURPRISE EGG + Surprise Backpack Toy Opening

13/11/2016 | 13:38
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~☀*★~ SHOPKINS WEEK ~★*☀~ SHOPKINS Wobbles PLAY DOH SURPRISE EGG + Surprise Backpack Toy Opening Hi guys! Welcome back to Shopkins Week on Cher Bear Toys. We will be making and opening special Shopkins themed GIANT Play Doh Surprise Eggs all week. In this video we have a GIANT Play Dough Surprise Egg of a Wobbles & a Shopkins Surprise Backpack. This GIANT Playdoh Surprise Egg & backpack are filled with all kinds of blind bags and surprise toys. Stay tuned all week to see our Shopkins Week Play-Doh Surprise Eggs and to see what kind of surprise toys are inside. Let us know in the comments which surprise we opened was your favorite. Some of the toys included in this video are Shopkins Micro Lite, a Lalaloopsy Tinies figure, Shopkins Fashion Tags, a My Little Pony MLP character, a Playmobil minifig, Season 2 Shopkins, a Puppy In My Pocket puppy, Season 3 Shopkins, a Shopkins Plush Hanger, Shopkins Collector Cards, a Disney Frozen Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure, Shopkins Erasers, a Zelf, a Shopkins Collector Album, and Shopkins Wall Decals. Do you like building with Play Doh or other modelling clay? Have you ever tried building with plasticine or plastilina? What about plastiline or plasticina? Maybe you have played with Softee Dough or Moon Dough? Want to know how to say "Play-Doh" in other Languages? If you lived in Sweden, you might call it "Modellera." If you lived in Portugal or Brazil, you might call it "Massinha." If you speak Korean, you might know it as "플레이 도우." If you speak German, you may say "Knetmasse." If you parler français, you might pronounce it "pâte à modeler." Here's how people say "surprise eggs" in other languages. In French œuf surprise. In German Ei Überraschung. In Hungarian tojás meglepetés. In Italian uovo sorpresa. In Japanese 卵の驚き. In Korean 계란 깜짝. In Lithuanian kiaušinių siurprizas. In Portuguese ovo surpresa. In Russian яйцо сюрприз. In Spanish huevo sorpresa. In Swedish ägg överraskning. In Ukrainian яйце сюрприз. Music by Kevin MacLeod and YouTube Other Fun Videos GIANT Applejack Surprise Egg ♥♥♥ Play Doh My Little Pony Toys Inside! Shopkins Lego Spongebob sQQJKk2XYwNo Giant TMNT Surprise Egg Play Doh Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Huge Leonardo Huevo Sorpresa sGDVeQJ1GakE THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE Super Surprise Egg - New Play Doh Spongebob Squarepants Eggs sMXYvn0L1Ny0 GIANT MINION Surprise Egg - NEW Play Doh Despicable Me Stewart Huge Toy Egg sWNU1P9mKCf4 ANGRY BIRDS Giant Egg Surprise - Play Doh Toys Spiderman Cars MLP Huevos Sorpresa sNPhzJPpPbbM MEGA Furby Boom Surprise Egg - Play Doh Created Eggs - MLP Shopkins Zelfs sQimzlnmD07M HUGE Lalaloopsy Peanut Big Top Egg Surprise - Play Doh Toys MLP LEGO Shopkins 2015 Eggs sV6-aVBm6u68 GIANT Disney Frozen Olaf Surprise Egg Play Doh - Barbie Shopkins Lalaloopsy MLP Playdough Eggs suO8_z_pRb7w HUGE Penny Ling Surprise Egg - Littlest Pet Shop Play Doh Huevo Frozen LEGO Hello Kitty LPS Toys sqVmsTF6t0v0