Easter Egg Roulette | Brooklyn and Bailey

08/11/2016 | 02:34
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Easter Egg Roulette | Brooklyn and Bailey To see how we decorated these adorable "Carrot Patch" eggs, and 2 other cute egg decorating ideas, please click HERE! sKOSIeZ2gd6k We were challenged by our friend Emma from Kittiesmama {Kittiesmama} to do the Egg Roulette Challenge, however we mixed it up a bit and filmed an "Easter Egg" Roulette Challenge! Here were our rules 1. Boil 8 eggs until they are cooked solid. 2. Mix in 4 raw eggs, making an even dozen 6 for each player 3. Play rock paper scissors to see who goes first. 4. The winner is the one who smashes the least raw eggs on their forehead. I think we both have permanent dents on our foreheads from all those hard boiled eggs! Seriously, did you hear them crack? This was a fun video to film and now we challenge each of you! Also, be sure you watch the video all the way to the end! 's -Bailey _ We are giving away 1 of 2 MacBook Airs! Enter HERE gleam.ioH0GK6bb-macbook-air-giveaway-2-prizes Don't forget to to our YouTube Ykm9pi us on BrooklynAndBailey us on BrookAndBailey us on and see daily photos of what we are doing BrooklynAndBailey _ Music Fun Is On My Side by RimskyMusic Link premiumbeatroyalty_free_musicsongsfun-is-on-my-side License #524334 Purchased non-exclusive Standard commercial use