Log Hopping Dirtbike Fails [#18]

13/11/2017 | 18:11
Log Hopping Dirtbike Fails [#18] Log Hopping Dirtbike Fails [#18] ✪ NOW for WEEKLY Crash Compilations -Moto_Madness_YT ✪ Dirt bike rider attempting to get over some logs and crashing ✪ ➡ Moto_Madness ✪ Comment ✪ Thumbs Up ✪ Share ✪ Send Crashes ➡ Send_Crash ✪ Instagram ➡ motoZmadness ✪ Dirt Cheap Moto Madness Merch ➡ Moto_Merch New Crash Compilations released every 1 to 2 Weeks!!! Moto Madness. The Fail World of Dirt Bikes! A compilation of brutal motocross wrecks and dirtbike accidents, fights and fails and all the other crazy stuff that happens in dirt bike life. 9 TOES doing a bit of log hopping, chuck in a few crashes on his Husaberg TE300. Moto Madness Log Hopping Fails - s:_FG4wQ_R_UM Dirtyhusky69 dirt bike crashes,dirtbike crashes,dirtbike crash,motocross crash compilation,compilation,motocross crash,dirtbike crash compilation,dirtbike,motocross,motorbike,motorycle,helmet cam,go pro,viral,best,fail,crash,win,accident,yt:quality=high,dirtbike crash compilation HD,dirtbike crashes HD,epic,police,wreck,enduro,fracas,absturz,авария,choque,tabrakan,dirtyhusky69