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11/11/2017 | 21:38
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I'm a Dinosaur - Gorgosaurus | HooplaKidz TV I'm a Dinosaur - Gorgosaurus | HooplaKidz TV Meet the fearsome member of the Tyrannosaurus Rex family, the Gorgosaurus. Well he doesn't look that big right now because he's just a baby. But when he does grow up he'll be 9 meters long. Wow that is big. So watch and learn more about this carnivorous. Lets dive into the world of Dinosaurs and watch these fun cartoon videos and get to learn some amazing Dinosaurs facts of how much they weigh, what they eat, where they lived and much more. + Watch Wheels On The Bus Collection :- 1IKYsSA + Watch Itsy Bitsy Spider Collection :- 1AeIf5I + Watch Five Little Monkeys Collection :- 1IKYBWi + Watch Our Funny Gazoon Cartoon Collection:- 1DN1aCr + Watch & Learn all About Dinosaurs in our I'm A Dinosaur series :- 1SbLNLj + Watch Nursery Rhymes Songs For Children to Sing and Dance :- 1F1jxC8 Click here to watch more I'm a Dinosaur watch?v=dl_T8Ubn2E4&list=PLDBB74B7F55AB0791 Click here to watch more of Teenology watch?v=p-UFhte-by4&list=PLB18784ED839834F2 Click here to watch more of Noksu watch?v=QKI5gDN8wFQ&list=PL25E4965F78D71CBC Click here to watch more of Tip Top watch?v=tnLHPYROGyQ&list=PLD8EEF6BE89A15E5C Click here to watch more of Spirello watch?v=NVkYg2XXR-I&list=PLE92A7A9E3625EA3A Enter the prehistoric world when dinosaurs ruled the Earth with HooplaKidz Tv To watch more kids content go to: hooplakidztv at: subscription_center?add_user=Hooplakidztv Like us on : pagesHooplaKidzTV128633777271894 us on : HooplakidzTV Thank You for watching, thank you for your shares, comments and likes!! dinosaur,dinosaurs,Jurassic park,I am a dinosaur,Animal Song,dinosaur song,hooplakidz,kidscamp,hooplakidztv,nursery rhymes,toddlers,preschool,lessons,kindergarden,tutorial,education,cartoons,cartoon,cartoons for children,kids,songs,school,babies,animation,teach,knowledge,adventure,Gorgosaurus